Wakeboarder carving on smooth water

A little about us.

We are a company (and family) who loves the water. If there is credibility through experience, we have it. Our favorite activities are: wakeboarding, kayaking and fishing! We own a 2013 Moomba that we take out on the water more often then we visit the grocery store. We have three kayaks that seem to find any river, creek or lake that calls for family adventuring. We fish, therefore....!

Experience: the fun way to learn!

Family standing by a new 2013 Moomba Mobius wakeboard boat

The Bama Boaters:

As a family we are adventurous, individually we are adventurers!

The WaterDad of the family has always loved being on the water ever since he was little and his grandfather purchased an old orange boat. His very favorite watersport is wakeboarding. You will find his opinion most often in the boating/wakeboarding arena of this site.

WaterMom is the co-captain! She makes our adventuring enjoyable by ensuring we have towels, sunscreen, cool water and a treat! She adventures in wakeboarding, wakesurfing, kayaking and fishing. Her favorite thing about water is the time the family spends together! You'll find her perspective in the reviews, blogs and adventures of this site!

WaterBoy is our up and coming fisherman! He would fish everyday if he could. Someday he'll have his very own fishing boat, but for now his kayak does the trick. He's also good at wakeboarding, wakesurfing. Watch for his links to fishing reports, tips, and reviews.

WaterGirl, for a tiny little thing she's one tough lady. She'll get into very chilly water in November so she can extend the watersports season. She wakeboards, wakesurfs, rides in the tube at crazy speeds and kayaks. You may find her throwing in a fishing line now and then but don't expect her to eat what she catches!



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